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Hazardous Materials Transport

Hazardous Materials

Ensure complete compliance with all regulations when you transport hazardous cargo/dangerous goods. We are experts in hazardous materials transportation and provide comprehensive compliance instructions and training for domestic and international movements.

Logistics Concepts

Logistics Concepts

Internal and external supply chains are often complex and require comprehensive research and solutions to maximize efficiency. And, an efficient supply chain reduces cost through efficient use of resources: time, personnel, inventory, space and money. We will research every aspect of your supply chain from your sourcing to your waste disposal or any specific area of concern and assist in the development of creative, intelligent ways to increase your marketplace or reduce cost.

Operational Development

Personnel Training

Just having a plan does not create efficiency. It must be implemented to see the benefits. Implementation often requires training personnel to new ideas and methods. It requires new procedures. And, it requires the support of those working to fulfill the goals of the Corporation. We can assist in the training, procedural writing, and development of by-in for required changes. Additionally, we will help implement short-term programs such as environmental cleanup or opening new markets.

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Logistics Consultanting

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Who We Are

We are experienced logistics consultants with a proven track record in the industry and an in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance. We provide logistics consulting services you can rely on.

Our President and Senior Consultant, Steve Hawks, has more than 30 years of experience in transportation and logistics. He has worked in all modes of transportation. He has managed both air and water ports, worked in the trucking industry, managed rail operations, and managed international logistics distribution for a multifaceted corporation. He was certified by the former American Society of Transportation and Logistics and has served on their board and other boards in the industry including the National Industrial Transportation League and the National Defense Transportation Association. He is a service-disabled veteran.

He has degrees from the University of Oklahoma and Florida Institute of Technology. He has taught at universities, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and is certified to teach in the California Community Colleges. He often comments, “Teaching keeps me up to date on the latest developments in the industry.”

Steve Hawks - Logistics Consultants


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