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Efficient Supply Chain Integration

In today’s competitive world understanding, managing and controlling your supply chain is essential for staying competitive. Battles and wars have been lost through poor logistics. In a competitive battle, logistics is a place to seek strategic advantage. With a competitive supply chain, you can expand your market area, enhancer service and improve your bottom line.

We commonly look at three supply chains as segregated entities and integrate them into an efficient operation. The chains are, of course: internal, external, and reverse. Improvement in each of these chains enhances your competitive position. Our experience in training allow us to find the common, and often, the hidden inefficiencies that have developed within the supply chain. They may be external: supplier to manufacture or manufactured to customer. Or, they may be internal: movement of raw materials or work-in-progress within the facility or between facilities. Or, they may be found in a complex reverse logistics operations chain.

Inventory management, storage, and packaging are also strategic points of interest in ensuring a fully integrated supply chain. Our experience in these areas coupled with our knowledge of hazardous materials and other risks that are involved make us an excellent choice to improve or develop your supply chain.



Projects, such as, environmental cleanup, exporting to new countries, new market areas, and others, require special attention in the logistics arena for a short period of time. We will assist in the management of these projects. By doing this, the company can avoid stretching their personnel too thin or hiring extra personnel for a short period of time.

Attention to the nation’s infrastructure needs often utilizes grants and other support for rebuilding. Hawks Logistics, inc has often worked with clients to receive these benefits. Usually, obtaining these grants and other benefits often requires carefully following the instructions for grant completion or other directions from the grantor. Experience in this area increases the chance for success.

Operating procedures, especially under quality programs, requires supervisors to learn about and take time away from their normal duties to write the procedures. This is especially true when writing procedures for hazardous materials transportation. We are trained and will write your procedures in the manner you prescribe.

For claims and other matters, we are willing to work with your legal team to support their knowledge of transportation and legal matters of logistics. Our experience, this far, has been quite successful in eliminating the need for arbitration or court appearance. Several cases have been resolved by simply pointing out the legal issues involved in the actions taken.

A Competitive Advantage

Understanding, managing, and controlling your supply chain is essential for staying competitive. Battles and wars have been lost through poor logistics. In a competitive battle, logistics is the place to seek strategic advantage. Increasing sales, especially through price reduction, seldom provides the same benefits to your bottom line.

Great Efficiency

There are many techniques for reducing the cost of logistic support for your supply chain. We implement tactical and strategic changes, including:

  • Properly Calculated & Managed Inventories
  • Proper Storage Techniques
  • Transportation Systems Analysis
  • Understanding of Reverse Logistics Solutions
Logistics Concepts

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is an excellent first step in improving your logistics. We help you:

  • Understand Inventory Costs
  • Make Your Warehousing Efforts More Efficient
  • Review Your Supply Chain to Reduce the Inventory Impact
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Handling of Products or Raw Materials
  • Review Your Own Inventory & Streamline It to Provide Efficiency
  • Base Your Inventory Management System on Sound Business Practices

Supply Chain Integration

Ensure that both your logistics and your supply chain operate efficiently. Your suppliers could be the same companies that supply your competitors and proper management could give you the advantage you seek.

Transportation Systems

Transportation systems are the links in the supply chain. For an existing chain, these are the easiest elements to evaluate. Changing your transportation systems could mean larger competitive marketing opportunities or more global sales. By asking the right questions and setting the right requirements for your carriers, you could lay the groundwork for success.

Reverse Logistics

This growing concept in logistics encompasses a cradle-to-grave effort, including returns for repair or replacement. Reverse logistics can be very costly, so properly identifying, measuring, and controlling (or eliminating) them is essential. Giving proper attention to reverse logistics results in high returns, and those savings, like all logistics savings, go directly to the bottom line.

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