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Fully-Compliant Hazardous Materials Transportation

The transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods is highly regulated. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in cargo delays which may lead to disgruntled or even a loss of customers. Fines may also be levied if the regulations are not followed. All of these actions impact on the company’s bottom line.

Hazardous Materials


The fine for a failure to train in each area of training required has a baseline assessment of $1,500. In many companies, a complete failure to train an employee requiring training can therefore result in a $6,000 fine. A “hazmat employee” is roughly defined as anyone who directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety. We offer training, often tailored, to those persons who fall under this definition. Our clients include: manufacturers, carriers (all modes), brokers, freight forwarders, and NVOCCs. A list of the training includes: Domestic Transportation (49 CFR) and International Transportation (IMO, ICAO). Our training is comprehensive and includes the IMO regulations for packing a Cargo Transport Unit (CTU), infectious substances, radioactive materials, hazardous wastes and hazmat endorsement for drivers.

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Compliance becomes easier with standardization. Standardization relies on procedures and training. We will assist with both. We can help you write the procedures for handling your hazardous materials down to the workbench level which supports the training of the employees.


We can inspect your company operations and records for compliance with the regulation and provide a review without the fines or reportable findings by governmental inspectors. After our review of your compliance, we will also assist you in making the necessary changes to your activities. As logisticians, we can look at your alternatives for handling your hazardous materials and provide options for operations, packaging and movement that will favorably impact your bottom line. We can assist in the development and writing of your security plan if a security plan is required. We will also assist in requesting changes to the regulation or a request for a Special Permit from the Department of Transportation.

Frustrated Cargo

When the regulations are followed, or mistakes are made, cargo sometimes gets held until the matter is resolved. Usually, this becomes a costly event. Sometimes, it is erroneously held. If your cargo becomes frustrated or held, we will assist you in resolving the regulatory issue.


If hazardous materials are new to you, or if you face new requirements, good planning is essential. We help you:

  • Properly describe your product
  • Develop your shipping papers
  • Register, if needed
  • Write your security plan, if needed
  • Find qualified carriers
  • Determine the proper packaging, marking, and labeling
  • Train your personnel on the new requirements
  • Obtain special permits from DOT, if required
  • Integrate hazardous materials procedures into your supply chain

Contact us to ensure complete compliance or your training needs.